what is eurOpenRoad?

This website is about enthusiasm: for the lure of the open road, the freedom to explore all that the wonderful Continent on our doorstep has to offer, the chance to avoid the crowds and do your own thing. It is written by an enthusiast, Phil Carey, and is not a commercial exercise: eurOpenRoad is not promoting one business over another, yet it is full of - admittedly personal - likes and dislikes, without the need to adhere to any strict neutrality or objectivity. We will make recommendations all the time - hotels, restaurants, even ferry companies, but totally independently.

Anyone planning a journey now can be overwhelmed by the flood of information available on the internet: we know from experience that the would-be discerning traveller could spend many more hours filtering through this overload to produce the ideal trip than in actually experiencing the holiday itself.
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Now, that planning exercise can be fun in itself, if you’re patient and painstaking. But a bit of help won’t go amiss - highlighting what’s worth seeing and what’s a tourist trap; making suggestions for places off the beaten track; how to get the best value for your hard-earned holiday funds.
The approach to Alconchel, in Extremadura, western Spain
This is a personal mission at this stage: we’ve been surprised how little guidance there is on the web for independent driving in Europe. The UK motoring organisations provide fact-filled pages on their websites on the legalities of driving in different countries - vitally important stuff, of course. But what’s been missing so far is a bit of flavour, on how to have the most rewarding trip. We draw on the experience of getting on for 30 driving holidays to most parts of Europe in as many years, and on a professional background in motoring regulation in Europe. But even with that experience the advice so far can clearly only be highly selective. The value of eurOpenRoad depends on bringing in comments and advice from as many other travellers as possible - please email us at info@europenroad.com
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Phil Carey has managed to fit in far too many driving holidays over the years. It all started over forty years when his intrepid parents set off each year, in the days before door-to-door motorway networks, from Lancashire to the Alps and beyond. With a few years' break to test out the rest of the world (too humid / crowded / anglophone) he's been keeping it up ever since. Based in London for the past 35 years, the Channel Ports have been temptingly close, and if he can stomach the South Circular he's ready for anything that the Continent can throw at him. Much of his career was spent in the Department for Transport, but he never managed to justify the Continental jaunts as essential research exercises. He now works as an independent transport consultant, and tries to find as much time as possible to devote to the enjoyable exercise of helping others have equally rewarding holidays.