August 2020: COVID has put paid to pretty much all leisure driving for Brits round Europe this summer; we can but hope for better times ahead, even with the disaster of Brexit. Any planning for future trips remains risky right now:
but watch this space – we'll be back!

Make the most of being part of Europe with
eurOpenRoad, your guide to the best that the Continent has to offer the independent driver to help you plan your trip.

Driving can still be fun*: whilst traffic levels have climbed steadily across Europe, you're much more likely to find the Open Road on the Continent than on our crowded island. Just a bit of careful planning will give you a memorable holiday - and a great sense of achievement. As long as we're still part of Europe, make the most of the opportunities and give the Open Road a try!
*once you get beyond Calais ...

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The Road Less Travelled ...

If you're to make the most of the freedom of the car, you want to get away from the crowds as much as possible. A common theme to much of the advice on
eurOpenRoad is that quest for the less obvious - sidestepping the big cities and the major tourist attractions (none of which extend much of a welcome to the arriving motorist these days), and finding instead the lesser-known delights of Europe: small towns that don't just rely on tourism, quieter scenic roads where you're unlikely to be stuck between a lorry and a caravan. And if you have the opportunity to break out for the Continent outside the main travel periods - public holiday weekends and school holidays - then you're very lucky and should make the most of the opportunities for a fantastic freewheeling break.

The wonderful EX-322 road in Extremadura, central Spain - no-one else around!
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We provide less coverage than you might expect of France and Italy: not because they aren't also marvellous countries with a wealth of attractive smaller towns, but because they are relatively well-explored already by Brits - including by those who like the places so much they've moved out there to live. The distances are long: remember that Perpignan is a longer drive than Prague or the Italian Lakes. And by the time you get to Spain you may feel like the only GB car on the road, but you might not truly be off the beaten track when all those locally registered cars turn out to be be driven by holidaying Brits as well.

With apologies to our Irish neighbours, we've ignored the Emerald Isle altogether. That's not to say that you can't find charm and solitude across the Irish Sea as well - but we feel the adventure only begins when you start driving on the wrong side of the road ...
you're in control - and it's a sensible price as well
specimen costs of return trip for two in June to Italy:
air £410
rail £881

car £594

and you can so much more with your own car!

(figures for June 2018 - to be updated)
explore with us:

Coming up - more on Spain, the best country in Europe for a driving holiday

…and, by way of contrast, reporting under way on a trip to the
Netherlands - surprisingly, a a great place for a driving holiday, particularly if you like your roads neat!

spectacular drives: really make the most of having your car with you

eight countries, fifteen days: a
suggested itinerary to remember


So, it has come to pass - the most pointless, self-destructive act by any government for a century. All those of us who love being part of Europe should just put two fingers up to Brexit madness and plan a trip still to the wonderful lands across the Channel - you'll have a great time, and get a better understanding of why we mustn't sever the close ties with our neighbours They need us, and we need them!

Alas, the damage already done to our economy means that much of Euro-land is getting rather expensive …

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latest news:

Prices have been up and down in recent months, across Europe. UK diesel is back to being the most expensive in the EU - and you'll find cheaper petrol in much of the Continent too.

So, we never saw significant disruption to services, or problems on the M20 journey to and from the Channel ports. The ugly 'Operation Brock' barrier is out of the way for now, and, all should be running smoothly on the crossings themselves for the rest of 2020. Goodness knows what the position will be into next year, but for now just be alert for possible disruption in the normal way - check the
latest traffic news for the approaches to Dover and the Tunnel before you actually head off.

New feature - the pros and cons of taking your car to Italy


Flying is getting cheaper - if you can avoid all the extras, it can be the cheapest option. But taking your own car
won't cost that much more.
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