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Sure - we can think of plenty of reasons why taking your car on holiday to Europe might be a liability:
  • all the different cost components: ferry + petrol + tolls + overnight stops …
  • the tiring drive across dull bits of northern Europe
  • the stress of driving, on the wrong side of the road, in heavy traffic and navigating
  • parking charges - not least at city centre hotels
  • perhaps some anxiety about the environmental impact - see box
Do not be too anxious about the environmental impact of taking the car to Europe rather than catching a train or bus: official Government figures show little difference in CO2 emissions per mile between car and rail travel: 6.4kg per person for a 100 km trip in a typical smaller car, assuming two occupants, compared with 6.0kg for a 100 km rail trip. Any additional occupants would actually make the car the more carbon-efficient choice.
But there's all sorts of reasons why driving taking your car abroad makes sense: try these seven for starters:

  • absolute freedom to set your own itinerary, or then just ignore it on a whim - stopping off where you want, when you want
  • no need to rely on taxis, or long walks, to finish off your journey
  • the chance to visit some of the finest small towns and villages, off the tourist track
  • the opportunity to enjoy some superb scenic roads, pausing away from the crowds
  • the all-round vista that only your own vehicle provides - not just the side-on perspective that you get from a seat on a train or bus
  • the ability to bring with you what you want, and bring back anything you've picked up en route
  • even giving your pet a holiday as well

And it can represent great value for money, for what you get - see comparison table below, and info on
petrol prices and tolls.
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2018 cost comparison:
air v rail v car

indicative costs of a return trip to Milan for two in the 'shoulder' season of June (ticket costs quoted 15/4/18)